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First Fridays 2014: LA Stories...Walk on the Wild Side

L.A.’s hottest, smartest nighttime event is back! Come have a cocktail, explore the Museum after-hours, and get enlightened.

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First Fridays

First Fridays 2014: L.A. Stories…Walk on the Wild Side

People tell a lot of stories about L.A. Which is your favorite?  Is L.A.’s standout characteristic its traffic or its postcard weather? Is it the city of two-story slums or the city of film dreams? Are L.A. residents really more beautiful and serene, or is that a mirage created by all their talk of yoga and kale? Or in truth, is the story of Los Angeles a tale of one of the most complex ecosystems of the world, where coastal, desert, mountain and river ecologies interact with one of the world’s great megacities of the 21st century?

This year, to celebrate NHM’s new permanent exhibition Becoming Los Angeles and the opening of the Museum's Nature Lab and Nature Gardens, FF goes in search of a new kind of L.A. narrative. Join us as we explore our city’s natural history, its wildlife, the ecology of urban habitats, and how, as citizen scientists, we can contribute the next chapter in this true and ever-evolving L.A. story.

Each discussion forum will be moderated by Michael W. Quick, Ph.D. (Department of Biological Sciences and Executive Vice Provost, University of Southern California)

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First Fridays Production Credits

Event Production: Natural History Museum staff
Performance Booking: Spaceland Production
Sound Production: Steve Shoemaker Sound