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Field Trips on the Metro!

Need a ride?

Don't qualify for a bus scholarship? Check out the Metro! The Transit Education Team is now offering the Student Field Trip Program, which provides access to 20 approved destinations - including the Natural History Museum!

Click here to learn more!

Visit Our Earthmobile and Seamobile Pages!

The Earthmobile is a 3rd-5th grade standards-based, cross curricular program focusing on Chumash culture through archaeological investigation. To learn more about the Earthmobile, click here

The Seamobile is a 6th-8th grade standards-based, cross curricular program focusing on marine biology. To learn more about the Seamobile, click here


Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies for a school visit?

To qualify as a school group you must be:

  • An accredited, California K-12 public or private school.
  • A preschool providing academic instruction to students of 2+ years old.
  • A program based onsite at a school and providing instruction to that school's students. For example clubs, teams or programs like STAR, LA BEST, or Beyond the Bell.
  • A Head Start or Child Development Center
  • A group with ten or more students.

Other California organizations may qualify if actively providing academic instruction free of charge to school students. These groups are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

If you do not meet these requirements, consider coming on a Free Tuesday or booking a visit through Group Visits. If you are a homeschool, take a look at our free Homeschool Days.

How much does it cost?

General Admission is free for all students and adults acting as a chaperone, additional fees are required for parking and adults beyond the allotted amount for Spider or Butterfly Pavilion.

How far in advance should I request a visit?

Submit a Visit Request at least two weeks before your first choice date to ensure we can process it in time. We do our best to accommodate last-minute requests, but cannot guarantee availability.

How do I request a Mobile Museum?

Visit our Bring the Museum to You section of the website to learn more about our Mobile Museums or look through their Mobile Museum FAQs.

Do you provide bus scholarships?

Unfortunately we are unable to award any further Bus Scholarships at this time. We reccomend looking into the Metro Student Field Trip program as a way to get your class to the Museum!

How do I reserve an exhibit or Guided Program?

For an exhibit, a section on the on-line form will ask you to choose exhibits (based on your visit dates) from a drop-down menu:

For a Guided Program or performance, a section on the on-line form will ask you to choose program requests (based on the date of your visit and grade of your students) from a drop-down menu:


If a request is submitted without choosing additional reservations, contact us with your tracking or order number to update your request. You may also check for availability during check-in the day of your visit.

How do I reschedule?

To reschedule, e-mail or call to cancel your current visit and submit a new request.

I can't select a date on the calendar

Dates blocked on the calendar have reached maximum capacity for school groups or are reserved for special events. We apologize for the inconvenience.

How many chaperones can I bring? Can they come seperately?

We require one adult for every ten students for entry into the Museum, with a suggested maximum of one adult for every five students to ensure the best field trip experience. Due to capacity limitations, some exhibits, Guided Programs or performances may charge additional fees for extra chaperones or require they wait outside while students participate.

Chaperones arriving separately must be included in the day-of count when checking in. If they arrive after your group has entered the Museum, they must pick up a chaperone sticker for entry at the School Visits desk.

Chaperones are required to stay within eyesight of their students at all times inside the Museum and on Museum grounds, even if students are in Middle or High School.

Are there Docents available?

Docents and Gallery Interpreters (staffed educators) are often in exhibits and at Curiosity Carts to answer questions and show students interesting artifacts. Look for blue shirts or vests with an Ask Me badge!

We do not provide tours to school groups. Click here for information on Guided Programming.

What resources can I look at before my visit?

Chaperone Guide Print it, fill it out, and copy it for the adults on your trip. Also consider including an Expo Park Map & planning guide.

Lesson Plans and Activities These lesson plans include activities for the classroom as well as for the Museum visit.

What's New. Learn more about student and teacher opportunities and sign up for our NHM School Programs newsletter For Teachers.

Do you store lunches?

No. Leave lunches on the bus, in the car, or securely zipped in backpacks. There is no food or drink allowed in the Museum.

Where do we eat if it's raining?

The Museum provides a covered location to eat on very rainy days. This space requires a reservation, which can be made at check-in on the day of your visit.

Can we buy lunch from the NHM Grill?

Yes, however it must be ordered to-go and eaten outside the South Entrance. For wildlife management, we cannot allow schools or large groups to picnic in the Nature Gardens. To pre-order lunches, contact the NHM Grill at or (213) 763-3250.

Can I check out artifacts or kits?

We're sorry, our loan service is no longer available.

How do I pre-order souvenirs or arrange a photo opportunity?

Pre-order souvenirs from the Museum Store using School Visit Museum Store Order Form. Call (213) 749-3079 or e-mail with questions regarding your order.

Arrange photo opportunities through Magic Memories. Call (562) 546-3780 or with questions and requests.

Can I add or subtract people from my order?

Yes! If your order changes by ten or more people contact us ahead of time. Otherwise we update your numbers with an exact student and adult count the day of your visit. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate a large addition in Guided Programming or exhibit reservations.