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Age of Mammals Media

Go in depth with our researchers and the unique specimens from the 
Age of Mammals exhibit.
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Lesson Plans and Activities - Grade 6

Traveling the Silk Road

runs Jan 13 - April 11, 2014

Getting Over Geography Discover how landscapes influenced the way people traveled, traded, and entertained themselves along the Silk Road.

Teachable Moments Quick activities to guide student exploration in our newest traveling exhibit.


Gem and Mineral Hall

Natural Beauty In this interdisciplinary lesson set, practice geometric reasoning and artistic expression while gaining appreciation for the natural beauty of rocks and minerals.


Age of Mammals

Moving and Shaking Examine the effects of plate tectonics on the evolution of mammals.To watch the video associated with this lesson plan, click here!

Dinosaur Hall

Mesozoic Measurements Convert the measurements taken in the Dino Hall to create a graph comparing three species of dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs and Definitions Through a research project, examine vocabulary using context to infer the meaning of new words.