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Lesson Plans and Activities - Grade 8

Traveling the Silk Road

runs Jan 13 - April 11 2014

Getting Over Geography Discover how landscapes influenced the way people traveled, traded, and entertained themselves along the Silk Road.

Teachable Moments Quick activities to guide student exploration in our newest traveling exhibit.


Gem and Mineral Hall

Building Blocks of Minerals Explore the fundamentals of chemistry and engage in inquiry through examining a mineral's composition and structure.

You Can't Fool Me!  Examine the chemical and physical properties of matter by revealing their application to real life situations.


Age of Mammals

Postulating Pressures Research a mammal's natural history to try and reveal the selection pressures that drove its evolution, then share findings with a research project.


Dinosaur Hall

Sizing 'em Up Or rather... down. Draw a dinosaur specimen to scale after measuring its length, width and estimating its height.

Dinosaurs and Definitions Through a research project, examine vocabulary using context to infer the meaning of new words.