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Exhibits and Programming


Exhibits listed below require a reservation for schools, in addition to General Admission. Exhibit reservations are self-guided, but may have staff or volunteer educators in them to answer questions. Arrive for all reservations on time to assure your space.

Nature Lab
30 minutes. Self-guided.
Year-round. Reservations not required weekends and July - August

Take a look at L.A.'s wild side! A companion to our Nature Gardens, the Nature Lab is a place to study who lives with us, where they came from, and why they might (or might not) be such great neighbors. Check out Nature at NHM to learn more. Wednesday - Friday, watch our BioSCAN team discovering L.A.'s biodiversity one bug at a time!


Butterfly Pavilion: SOLD OUT for Spring 2014. Call (213) 763-3529 for availability.
30 minutes. Self-guided.
Monday - Friday;  April 14, 2014 - June 30, 2014
Monday - Wednesday;  July and August 2014.

Observe free-flying butterflies and watch as they lay eggs, hatch into caterpillars and form chrysalis throughout our Pavilion garden! Please note this outdoor exhibit is weather permitting.


Spider Pavilion
30 minutes. Self-guided.
Monday - Sunday; September 23, 2013 - November 4, 2013

Discover the secret beauty of spiders as they freely spin webs, lay eggs and eat in our Pavilion garden! Please note this outdoor exhibit is weather permitting.

Guided Programs


Guided Programs are facilitated experiences offered October through January. Owing to the nature of the activities, we can only guarantee Guided Programs at their scheduled time. Please divide students into equal groups of 15 or less prior to your rprogram.


   Outdoors, come dressed appropriately! These programs are weather and garden maintance permitting.

  Incorporates journaling, we invite you to bring classroom notebooks to use!


PreK- Grade 1

Windows into Nature
30 minutes

The lives of animals are not so different than our own. In this program we'll learn about the life of an animal through an interactive story, then adventure into our classic diorama halls to visit the characters from the story and discover more about how and where they live!


Growing Home
45 minutes


Did you know a garden grows more than just delicious food? It grows homes too! In this outdoor program, we'll explore the Nature Gardens and build habitats for our tiniest garden residents while discovering what all animals need to survive.

Grades 2 - 5

Fossil Detectives
 45 minutes


Investigate the lives of ancient animals by looking at the clues they left behind — their fossils! Like a paleontologist, share and discuss observations as a group and consider what ancient animals used to be like when they were alive. Record observations, ideas and questions to take back to the classroom for further research and investigation.


Pond Life
45 minutes

Take a close look... there is more to a pond than meets the eye! Together we'll peer into the water and reveal a habitat full of life in a variety of shapes, sizes and species. In this outdoor program, practice collection skills and closely observe what we find to identify and document the unique wildlife that lives right here in the middle of the city.

Grades 6 - 12

Backyard Biodiversity
45 minutes

See why Los Angeles is a biodiversity hotspot! In this outdoor program, survey the Nature Gardens to get acquainted with the diversity of life in our own backyard. Learn proper collection techniques to look for bugs and hone observation skills to identify and record who we find.

Live Performances

We are now able to offer Encounters for a limited time during the Spring season.

Grades 1 - 5

20 minutes
Thursdays and weekends only; March - July 2014. Reservations required
Watch dinosaurs come to life! Let our performance artists take your students back in time to learn about the lives of dinosaurs and paleontologists while performing with (and in!) realistic T. rex and Triceratops puppets. Learn more about these incredible performances here!