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Conserving biodiversity first requires an understanding of it. The diversity of life on Earth cannot be understood and measured in a scientific sense without the collection and scientific description of specimens.
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Support Today's Scientists, Inspire Tomorrow's Scientists

When you give to the Museum, you support our scientists' research on the planet's biodiversity. You are also creating tomorrow's scientists. Our teacher resources make each field trip a learning experience, our education outreach brings the science of discovery to schools all over L.A.
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Museum Statement on Open Access to Research

The President’s Office of Science and Technology Policy has requested comment on how to make the products of federally-funded research more openly available. As a research museum dedicated to disseminating the products of research, the Natural History Museum fully and enthusiastically supports increasing the level of openness to federally-funded research. The full NHM comment can be read here.


Research & Collections News

At the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (NHM), the curatorial staff members are widely-recognized authorities in their fields. They win major grants. They serve as faculty and research associates at universities, museums and other institutions. They publish regularly in journals and magazines. They are engaged in field and onsite research. They even play roles in crime fighting and policy-making. And of course, they preserve and strengthen the Museum’s collections — the platform upon which exhibitions and public programs are built. 

To learn about recent accomplishments by Research and Collections staff, see the Research and Collections Newsletters, published by Jody Martin and Dean Pentcheff.