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Over a million species. Only one Bug Fair.

Join us in bringing the 34th annual Bug Fair 2020 online! Jam out with your family to the Museum’s famous bug band, Luv Bugzzz. Listen in on how NHMLAC entomologist, Lisa Gonzalez, went from being a Bug Fair fan to working in Research and Collections at the Museum. Get some insect cooking tips from Aly Moore, Bug Chef extraordinaire, and more. This is the first ever digital Bug Fair and one you won’t want to miss! #bugfair #NHMLA

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The Luv Bugzzz

Sing-along with NHMLA's very own bug band, The Luv Bugzzz.

Listen to the entire Luv Bugzzz Album on SoundCloud.

The Luv Bugzzz Album Art

"Here to spread our love of bugs through the power of music"

The Luv Bugzzz met right here in Los Angeles, in a neighborhood probably very much like yours. Someone had left their garage door open and the bugzzz wandered inside in search of crumbs. One started buzzing a catchy tune, the others joined in, and before you could say “chirp” the band was born. Originally a small local infestation, the Luv Bugzzz now play regularly for huge swarms in exchange for nectar and glory.

Lisa's Story: a bug affair

Watch a video and hear how our featured entomologist, Lisa Gonzalez, went from being a Bug Fair fan to working as an Assistant Collections Manager in the Museum’s Entomology Department.


Headshot of entomologist Lisa Gonzalez in collections room

Lisa Gonzalez joined the BioSCAN project in 2012 as an Assistant Collections Manager, received a B.S. in Entomology from UC Riverside. She considers the museum her second home in L.A.; she first started here as a volunteer back in 2001 in the Museum's Insect Zoo. These days, she spends much of her time driving around Los Angeles visiting the BioSCAN sites, checking in with the lovely folks who volunteer their time and space in their yards for the project, and gets to peek inside the samples that are chock-full of wondrous microscopic little creatures. A day spent with eyes glued to her microscope is a day of blissful Zen. 

BUG CHEF cooking demo

Watch a video of an insect cooking demonstration with Aly Moore, Bug Chef extraordinaire and click the Italian Cricket-stuffed Mushrooms recipe link listed below to see the full recipe!


Picture of Bug Chef Aly Moore

Aly Moore studied public health at Yale University and after started (blog) to support the growing insect agriculture industry and slowly grew a cult following on Instagram. To reach broader audiences, she started hosting educational events like Bug & Wine Pairings, Bug Dinners, and Bug Cooking Classes through Eat Bugs Events. Since Bugible has become the leading media and PR brand for the insect agriculture industry, appearing on Netflix's Bill Nye, Food & Wine, Forbes, & others. Today, Bugible focuses on continuing to spread awareness about other sustainable and nutritious potential of bugs through collaborations with institutions of all kinds from the International Culinary Center, Yale University, Parks & Recreation Districts, or even the Girl Scouts of America.

Bug Recipes

Ingredients - Mushrooms, crickets, bell pepper, seasoning

Italian Cricket-stuffed mushrooms

Cook up some Italian Cricket-stuffed Mushrooms with Bug Fair Chef Aly Moore. Follow along with the Aly in the video posted above and click on the link below to see the full recipe.
Insect Recipe


Cooking Critters Guide

Cooking Critters guide

This ‘Cooking Critters’ guide is brought to you by NHM and Bug Fair Chef Aly Moore. Learn more about the positive environmental impacts of eating insects  and find a few fun ways to incorporate bugs into your diet!
Cooking Critters Guide


Bowl of Mealworms

Shop Edible Bugs

In order to make these delicious insect-infused meals and snacks, you need some bug ingredients. Luckily there are several places to do that online and the vendors partnering with the Museum are even offering discounts special for Bug Fair.
Shop Edible Bugs


Kids exploring in a garden.


See how many of these bugs you can find. See activity.

Vea cuántos de estos bichos puedes encontrar. Ver actividad.



Image of final product of a homemade bug hotel.

Bug Hotels | Hotel Para Bichos

Create your own bug hotel for your garden and see who comes to visit! See activity.

¡Crea su propio hotel para bichos para su jardín y mira quién viene a visitar! Ver actividad.


Image of caterpillar crafts ready to be raced.

Caterpillar Races | Carreras de Orugas

Make your very own caterpillar. Then, race yours against your family or friends! See activity.

Crea su propia oruga. ¡Después, compite contra su familia o amigos en una carrera de orugas! Ver actividad.


Image of complete butterfly craft doing the "flash and dazzle".

Butterfly Flash and Dazzle | Brillantes Alas de la Mariposa

Use our butterfly template to create your very own “flash and dazzle” butterfly. See activity.

Use nuestra plantilla de mariposa para crear su propia mariposa con alas brillantes. Ver actividad.


Image of beetle from Insect Symmetry craft.

Insect Symmetry | Simetría de Insectos

Use one of our templates to make your very own symmetrical insect. See activity.

Use una de nuestras plantillas para hacer su propio insecto simétrico. Ver actividad.

Bug Fair Exhibitors

Insect Case from Bug Fair Exhibitor

Over thirty-four years, one of the biggest draws of Bug Fair continues to be its exhibitors. We would like to use this opportunity to highlight some exhibitors that would have been at Bug Fair this year and show our support. Click HERE to see more!

Butterfly Costume at Bug Fair Festival
bug fair guests bug samples
parent kids bug table
crowd of guests in the nature gardens at bug fair NHM
bug fair butterfly specimen case
Young children using nets to capture bugs in the NHM Nature Gardens

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