Classroom Resources

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Connect your students to museum content and research right in your classroom! These lesson plans and activities are designed to be used at your school site.

LA’s Nature Map
Nature Journaling & Nature Journal Handout
Nature Memory Mapping
Nature Walk
Night Watch Insect Biodiversity Kit
Reptiles and Amphibians of Southern California (RASCals)
Southern California Squirrel Survey

Lesson Plans
Grades K-5 | Place in the World: Nature Study ; English/Spanish version
Grades K-8 | Soil Test in a Jar
Grades K-12 | Squirrel Observations
Grades K-12 | What We Are
Grades 2-12 | Art Lens Nature Walk
Grades 2-12 | Meeting New Neighbors: How to Study Your Butterfly Waystation
Grades 2-12 | Sounds of Nature 
Grades 3-6 | Square Foot Gardening and Companion Planting & Planning Card Sample

HOW TO's and additional resources

Want to join a Community Science project with your class or build a monarch waystation at your school? We’ve compiled our most loved and frequently requested “how to’s” and educator resource lists below.

How to Access Online Museum Collections for the Classroom
How to Build a Bee Hotel
How to Create a Community Science Field Site
How to Create an iNaturalist Account
How to Create a School Garden with California Native Plants
How to Join an iNaturalist Project
How to Plant a Monarch Waystation
How to Set Up a Track Station
How to Take Photos for iNaturalist
Birding for Beginners Resource List
Carnivore Data Resource List for Your Classroom
Creating a Nature Center: NGSS Tie-Ins
iNaturalist Teacher Guide
Urban Wildlife & Scientific Illustration Resource List
Using the Outdoor Classroom: Tips for Nature Observation
What are Visual Thinking Strategies?