This summer at NHM has been one for the record
books, and what we have all achieved together—
trustees, members, supporters, visitors, and staff—
takes my breath away. We have 50 percent more public
space, five new permanent exhibitions, and enhanced
amenities. Every day, Angelenos can discover wildlife in
the new Nature Gardens and in the indoor Nature Lab.
And finally, with the opening of
Becoming Los Angeles
the Museum’s 10-year transformation into a
21st-century, indoor-outdoor destination is complete.
It is fitting that
Becoming Los Angeles
is where we are
finishing this journey. Los Angeles and NHM grew up
together. When the Museum opened in 1913, it was
seen as a coming of age of a burgeoning metropolis.
As the city grew, the Museum captured L.A.’s stories
in its collections. Our centennial seemed the right time
to share that—and use our history collections to tell
L.A.’s stories.
In this and the other new exhibits, we took an
approach that I hope you’ll find fascinating: We look at
how the land and people, or nature and culture, affect
one another.
There is no place in the world like Los Angeles,
and no story of a city has ever been told quite like
Becoming Los Angeles
. Angelenos and visitors from
around the world will see the region in a new way
and I think they will be moved by the experience.
They will see that what Angelenos did hundreds of
years ago mattered, and what we do today matters,
too. This Los Angeles story will become as much a part
of our NHM identity as our dinosaurs and dioramas.
In our transformed Museum and throughout
Los Angeles, our goal is to inspire generations of
visitors for years to come as we move into our next
century together.
I hope you will join us.
Jane G. Pisano
President and Director
New Exhibition:
Becoming Los Angeles
GeckoWatch Launches
Nature Gardens Explorations
For Kids
Diane Naegele
Events and Calendar
The Otis Booth Pavilion,
NHM’s new north entrance.
Photo by Art Gray.
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Our L.A. Story
See L.A. wildlife on a guided
Nature Walk
, daily at 4 pm.
Step into the wild NHM on new
Nature Gardens Explorations
Take a bird walk, go bug hunting,
or experience a tasting in the
Erika J. Glazer Family Edible Garden,
Thursday–Sunday at 11 am.
Group Tours of the Gardens
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Call 213.763.3218, or reserve at
Visit NHM.ORG/nature
NHM is now an outdoor-indoor experience!
Walk into the new Nature Gardens and the
interactive Nature Lab, and pass under a
spectacular 63-foot fin whale suspended in
the six-story glass Otis Booth Pavilion.
Come to NHM, put your nature eyes on,
and see L.A. in a surprising, new way.
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August/September 2013 
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