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Marine Mollusks
Saturday, August 3
Go behind the scenes with Malacology
Collections Manager Lindsey Groves
and explore the fascinating world
of clams, abalone, and sea snails. Then
go on a scavenger hunt in the Museum.
Birds of
a Feather
Sunday, September 8
Join Ornithology Curator Ken
Campbell for a behind-the-scenes
look at NHM’s bird collection
and go on a scavenger hunt.
for details.
Written by Jessica Portner
Photography by Tim Hale
Every day, our blue-shirted storytellers
dash about inside NHM, offering
T. rex
excavation tales in the Dinosaur Hall
or revealing the secrets of meteorites
in the Gem and Mineral Hall. But now,
NHM’s Gallery Interpreters, or GIs
as we call them, are wielding their
walkie-talkies in a new territory— 
the Nature Gardens. A bigger crew
of 20 GIs, many with master’s degrees
in scientific fields and former stints
at zoos and universities, are leading
two new half-hour jaunts into the
lush outdoor exhibit.
On Nature Walks (daily at 4 pm),
visitors are guided through key stops
in the 3½-acre living laboratory
where a shifting contingent of diverse
L.A. wildlife stops by or makes a home.
Garden experts have purposefully
planted more than 300 species of
California native and nonnative
greenery to mirror the natural and
planted landscapes of Southern
California, from the thicket of cattails
in the Pond to the scarlet monkey
flowers, a hummingbird favorite in the
Urban Wilderness, to the native orange
trees. Around every branch, there
are new arrivals basking or shading
themselves in the urban oasis. One day,
it could be a tiny spider crawling on a
succulent in the Living Wall or a Mason
bee visiting our deluxe bee hotel.
Indoor-Outdoor Explorers
The second new outing, the Nature
Gardens Exploration, which embarks
every Thursday through Sunday at
11 am, is a more targeted excursion.
Visitors can grab binoculars and go
birding. On a Bug Hunt, they may
spot colorful beetles or camouflaged
crab spiders. The changing morning
foray is harvest-focused, and includes
tastings in the Edible Garden.
These animal-and-plant-world
immersions don’t end in the Nature
Gardens. They continue inside the
Nature Lab, its indoor complement.
Buzzing daily with citizen science
activities, Nature Lab is the place to
learn how participants discover more
about L.A.’s wild creatures—with their
own eyes, ears, and cameras. Our
Southern California region is one of
only 34 biodiversity hotspots
worldwide—on par with Madagascar,
New Zealand, and the rain forests
of Brazil. Several species of plants
and animals naturally occur here and
nowhere else in the world.
Brayden Moore, a GI, said the
mystery of not knowing what you’ll
find makes the Nature Gardens walks
more than a just a guided garden
outing. “Nature Gardens is changing
all the time, based on whatever birds
are migrating through, what plants
are in bloom, and which insects are
visiting during different seasons,”
said Moore. “That means it will be
a surprise every time.”
Walk, Explore, Garden!
Nature Gardens Exploration
Thursday–Sunday: 11 am
Nature Walk
Daily: 4 pm
Group Tours of the Gardens
Private Guided Tour
Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Tour $100
Call 213.763.3218, or reserve at
Gardening Classes
September 8, 15, 22, and 29
Learn hands-on gardening techniques,
harvesting, and the secrets of soil.
Call 213.763-ED4U
Not Your Average
Walk in the Park
Backyard Jungle
Saturday, September 14, 10 am–1 pm
Museum Fellows Krishna and Bob Daly invite
you to join them in their Bel Air backyard for an
enchanting morning with NHM’s Live Animal
Programs Team and some of the
Museum’s live animal residents.
To Join or renew at the $3,000 Collector’s
Circle level, visit NHM.ORG/fellows
or contact us at
After hours at NHM this fall,
Chalk Repertory Theatre
will perform four short
original comedies and dramas
by L.A. writers—set from 1913
to today—to celebrate the
Museum’s rich history.
NHM and Chalk Repertory Theatre Present
September 21, 22, 27, and 29
October 5, 6, 11, and 13, 7–9 pm
Tickets: $25, Members: $20
4 Plays,
4 Exhibit Halls,
4 Time Periods
August/September 2013 
August/September 2013
1,2,3,4,5 7,8,9,10