This issue of the
marks a defining moment
in our history. November 6, 2013 is the Museum’s 100th
anniversary, the last milestone of our remarkable
transformation. We have opened five new exhibitions
in the past decade—the
Age of Mammals
, the Dinosaur
Hall, the indoor Nature Lab, the outdoor Nature
Gardens, and
Becoming Los Angeles
The Museum’s physical gallery spaces are
extraordinary. But the key, I believe, to our
transformation is how we present information and
communicate science in ways that entertain and inspire
wonder for our natural and cultural worlds. We have
designed every new sign, panel, and video with that
in mind. When visitors walk into the Nature Gardens,
they will be met with handmade signs that point out
the best spots to see butterflies. In the Dinosaur
Hall, NHM’s paleontologists share their excavation
techniques in behind-the-scenes videos from the field.
We set up a place in the Nature Lab where visitors
can see illustrated stories by NHM staff about their
adventures in nature around Los Angeles. In
Los Angeles
, visitors hear different voices—and echoes
of their own—in moving displays of Angelenos who
transformed L.A. into the city it is today. After a visit
to the Museum recently,
The New York Times
Edward Rothstein remarked that NHM’s “natural
history heritage [has been] preserved as well as
transformed.” Our momentous shift into an indoor-
outdoor museum where “the visitor is lured in as
a participant,” he said, “really is a transformation
of the genre.”
This is not only a new, bigger Museum—it is a
new way to experience one. Whether you are walking
into NHM again or for the first time, our goal is to
draw you into the adventure. I hope you will join us.
Jane G. Pisano
President and Director
Special Exhibition:
Just Add Water
Big Spider Pavilion
NHM’s Fly Catchers
For Kids
NHMNext: John Bendheim
Events and Calendar
A Glass of Drinking Water
, 2013
Watercolor, gouache and ink
on paper in artist’s frame, 93" x 68"
Photography by Robert Wedemeyer.
Copyright Rob Reynolds, 2013.
Featured in
Just Add Water
, a special
exhibition timed with the 100-year
anniversary of the completion of
the L.A. Aqueduct.
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