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Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits
Fall Into the Page
The Page Museum at the La Brea
Tar Pits, which celebrates 100 years
of digging, is bubbling with activities
this fall. In Ice Age Encounters
performances, which are free for
members, a life-size Saber-toothed
Cat puppet uncovers the mysteries
of creatures that prowled around
Ice Age Los Angeles more than 10,000
years ago. Visitors can embark on
daily tours led by Gallery Interpreters,
get close to fossils embedded in
asphalt, learn about the beasts that
perished there, and then watch
paleontologists at work in the glass-
walled Fishbowl Lab. For National
Fossil Day on Saturday, October 12,
the Page will be bustling with
programs for children, including a
Critter Club and a fossil-focused
Junior Scientist. From Wednesday,
October 30 to Sunday, November 3,
NHM paleontologists will host the
73rd annual Society of Vertebrate
Paleontology convention. These are
just a few ways to rediscover the
world-famous Ice Age fossil
excavation site in your backyard.
William S. Hart Museum
Pet Fair at Hart
The barking and meowing has
already begun. Dogs, cats, and their
owners are gearing up for the 13th
Annual Bow-Wows and Meows Pet
Fair to be held at William S. Hart
Park on Sunday, October 13.
Come out to the scenic ranch
of the silent film star and avid animal
lover William S. Hart and enjoy
many canine and feline indulgences,
including pet-friendly vendors, spay
and neuter clinic referrals, and pet-care
information booths. There will be an
Extreme Canine Stunt Show and a
Fun Dog Show, where winning canines
will saunter away with prizes like
Best Vocalist, Largest Ears, Mystery
Mutt, and Fluffiest. If you’re looking
for a pet, there will also be thousands
of animals from Los Angeles County
shelters at the fair looking for good
homes. The fair is free and open
from 11 am to 4 pm.
RAAD is all day Sunday, October 20.
for details.
NHM’s 5th annual Reptile and
Amphibian Appreciation Day is
Sunday, October 20, and this year
the gathering of water-loving and
crawling creatures is even more
spectacular than before. Visitors
can get up close to live reptiles and
amphibians, such as Mediterranean
House Geckos, an American bullfrog,
and a pair of turtles basking in their
sleek habitats in the new Nature Lab.
There will be behind-the-scenes tours 
—journeys through the Dino Lab,
Animal Care space, and Herpetology
Department, which houses 183,000
specimens in their collection, including
poison dart frogs and turtles with
necks as long as their bodies. The
venomous snake-feeding demo is
returning to RAAD, but this year
visitors have a bonus—live snakes
to peek at in the Nature Lab.
RAAD also has booths featuring
specimens from NHM’s herpetology
and anthropology collections, and
talks that may take some of the
mystery out of these reptilian and
amphibious worlds.
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