A Baby Owl or a Goatsucker at Esperanza Elementary?

January 19, 2016

A CRYPTIC HALLOWEEN VISITOR written by fifth-grade Esperanza Elementary School students Kaya Johnson and Cristian Torres with their principal, Brad Rumble   "Mr. Rumble, there's a baby owl on the playground!" exclaimed Robbyn, a first-grade student at Esperanza Elementary School on Wilshire Blvd. just west of downtown Los Angeles. It was the day before Halloween 2015 and Mr. Rumble, the school's principal, thought this might be a Halloween prank. But, as any birder would, he went with Robbyn to take a look.  

Unbelievably, there, on the asphalt of a corner of the playground, was not an owl but a Common Poorwill. It was 9:15 a.m. and in fifteen minutes 130 first-graders would be playing four-square mere feet from our unexpected visitor. What to do? Cordon off the area around the bird, grab a bunch of field guides and create an impromptu observation site for an autumn migration species.

A member of the Goatsucker family, the Common Poorwill (Phalaenoptilus nuttallii) usually is nocturnal. As students read about the poorwill they hypothesized that our bird was just trying to get some shut-eye during its southbound migration. Its cryptic color pattern helped it camouflage so well that some students thought they were looking at a pine cone. No one could believe this species actually hibernates during winter.   Even though there were nearly 900 students on campus, not one of them disturbed the bird. One complication: at 1:15 p.m. hundreds of students, parents and staff members would gather on the poorwill's playground for the annual Halloween parade. Student leaders and educators debated what to do. In the end not even Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and scores of super-heroes and princesses could disturb our nocturnal visitor's slumber.

That evening, as Mr. Rumble was leaving campus, he observed the poorwill suddenly lift off and begin to fly low into the night. Though on campus just the one day, this bird captivated an entire school community and left us wanting to know more about it. For us, the Common Poorwill is anything but common.  

**All photos by Brad Rumble

(Posted by: Kaya Johnson and Christian Torres)


This is a wonderful story! So cool.

Exactly what education should be about. Bravo Brad!!!!!!!

What great observation skills by the kids! What other amazing wildlife will they find at their school? I can't wait to learn more.

So touching that the kids respected the bird and didn't disturb its sleep. Great lesson Brad.

Great job Brad, the students, parents and staff at Esperanza Elm.

Your trust in your kids is exactly why they respected the bird! I wish you were our principal in Nor Cal.

So touching that the kids respected the bird and didn't disturb its sleep. Great lesson Brad.

Just need to thank all of you for the encouraging comments. Every schoolyard has its own natural history for students to explore.

Much admiration for the students of Esperanza Elementary for giving the poorwill the space she (or he!) needed to get some rest. Mr. Brad, you are great teacher!

Thanks for being amazing, Esperanza Elementary!

Amazing learnings at Esperanza. Thanks for sharing!!!

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