Calling All Snail and Slug Lovers: SnailBlitz 2017 is On!

February 6, 2017

It is that time of year again, winter in Southern California, and our rainy weather brings out some of LA’s most interesting residents, snails and slugs! Pull out your cameras (or smart phones) for SnailBlitz 2017! From February 1- March 31, 2017, we invite you to send us your photographs of local snails and slugs. You can upload them directly to the SnailBlitz 2017 project on iNaturalist, e-mailing us at, texting us at (213) 663-6632, or tag your photo on social media (Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook) using #SnailBlitz. The goal is to reach 1,000 images by midnight on March 31!

Milky slug, Deroceras reticulatum, winner of the best slug photo category. Photo by Emily Han 

Like last year, our scientific goal is to use the power of citizen science + rainy weather (that tends to bring out the snails and slugs) to accelerate our efforts to catalogue the biological diversity of terrestrial gastropods (land snails and slugs) in greater Southern California. These efforts improve our knowledge of species ranges and distribution, and allow us to document rare species and species never before found in Southern California. Last year we had some spectacular finds of rare snails. Not only will your snail or slug observation be useful to science, it could win our SnailBlitz photo contest. Check out our winners from last year. Every observation** will be automatically entered into our #SnailBlitz photo contest. On April 7 we will announce the winners in these categories:

• Grand Prize Winner 

• Best Snail Photo

• Best Slug Photo

• Best snail/slug Meme (must be generated using #SnailBlitz eligible photo)

• Rarest snail/slug Photo

Brown Garden Snail, Cornu aspersum, the most commonly submitted snail in last year's SnailBlitz. Photo by Lila Higgins


• Grand Prize Winner will receive: free lunch and behind the scenes tour with Jann Vendetti (NHMLA Curator of Malacology) for you and 3 friends, and one free annual family membership to NHMLA (includes membership for two adults and up to four children age 17 and under)

• Winners in all other categories will receive 4 general admission tickets to NHMLA

Here’s hoping for rainy weather and lots of snail and slug sightings! 

Three for one! Grand prize winner, Jose Cabellero, took this great shot of a Garden Arion slug, Arion hortensis, with a tiny LA-native vertigo snail, Vertigo sp., hitching a ride. Finally, there was a Disc snail, Discus rotundatus, on the same piece of wood.

**Terms and conditions apply, check the project for details. 

(Posted by: Jann Vendetti)

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