The Living Wall

January 8, 2019

by Maiz Connolly

This morning, as I walked past the "Living Wall" in our Nature Gardens, I stopped to admire a group of finches that were feeding on the rosemary. While insect pollinators buzzed around the flowers, these finches were busily feasting on rosemary seeds. This activity gave an overall appearance of trembling motion, as though the wall itself really was alive.

I took some photos, and later, on closer inspection, noticed that another animal had been there all along. Did you see it in the video? See if you can find it here:

How many finches do you see? There are both male and female house finches and goldfinches in this photo, as well as the mystery animal.

Ready for the answer?




You sure?




As far as I can tell, there are nine finches in this photo, and one adorable...



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