Winning Snails and Slugs

May 12, 2017

The results of our record-breaking #SnailBlitz 2017 are in! From tiny eggs, to monster snail jaws, people were paying careful attention to these often overlooked land-loving molluscs. These prize-winning photos, selected from 1,619 observations that were submitted by over 280 citizen scientists in February and March, include some unusual details, interesting interactions, and lots of slime. Speaking of slime, these SnailBlitz 2017 observations will all be included as biogeography data points in our ongoing SLIME Project, giving us a unique opportunity to study the distribution of these species with the help of our growing team of citizen scientists.

And this year's winners are...

Grand Prize Winner: Image by @ajzellmer

Slug eggs!  Here are (likely) two species of slug eggs and one snail, Discus rotundatus.

Runner up: Image by @finatic

Three for one. This photo shows the native snail species Rothelix lowei (far right), slug Limacus flavus (center), and a salamander (left).

Best Snail Photo Winner: Image by @alex_bairstow

This photo shows a possible predatory encounter between Rumina decollata and Cornu aspersum. Rumina decollata was specifically introduced to control populations of Cornu aspersum that were eating Southern Californian citrus.

Runners up: both by @alex_bairstow

Look at those snail jaws (common garden snail, Cornu aspersum)!
Predatory decollate snail, Rumina decollata, pretending to be a faucet?

Best Slug Photo Winner: Image by @dlbowls

Hold on for the ride buddy! This photo shows a species of Deroceras, the smooth land slug with its slime trail, and an accompanying aphid.

Runner up: Image by @kimssight

Photo of another smooth land slug, unidentified species of Deroceras.

Rarest Snail/Slug Photo Winner: Image by @silversea_starsong

This photo shows an unidentified species of slug—an observation that inspired much conversation among iNaturalist users.

Thank you to all who participated in #SnailBlitz 2017, we look forward to seeing even more slimy photos next year!

(Posted by: Jann Vendetti)

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