Urban Nature Research Center

It may surprise you, but Los Angeles exists inside a “Biodiversity Hotspot,” which is a Conservation International designation for an area with plants and animals that are incredibly diverse, but also under threat. UNRC’s goal is to help to spotlight ways to boost and sustain that biodiversity, and ultimately make L.A. a hospitable place for wildlife — and, by extension, humans — to thrive.

But our scientists need help from all Angelenos. Most of L.A.’s wildlife lives in private property — backyards, schoolyards, the courtyard of your apartment building. Scientists can’t trespass there! UNRC wants to engage the public to collect large amounts of data — data that wouldn’t be possible without community scientists who share their observations with Museum researchers by e-mail and through social media. 

Pick Your Project

Help Museum scientists discover what we know about the wildlife around us with your own eyes, ears, and cameras.

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The Team

The Urban Nature Research Center is staffed by an adventurous crew of scientists and educators seeking out answers to real-world questions about L.A. biodiversity.

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Every day, NHMLA visitors, staff, and hundreds of Angelenos are keeping their eyes open to the wild, and we are tallying the wonders we find. See what’s out there!

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UNRC scientists publish the results of their research in professional and popular journals. Check out their work on L.A. nature.

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