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Opportunities at NHM

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Board of Trustees 2018-2019

Anissa Balson   Larry W. Keele
James E. Blancarte*   Rick Keller
Louisa Cardenas*   Missy Kolsky
Esther Chao   Vince Lawler*
Stephen Joel Davis   Joseph Lumarda*
Heather de Roos   Walter N. Marks*
Susan  Dever*   Gregg Martin
Charlene Dimas-Peinado*   Eric B. Moore*
Nancy Edwards   Dr. Franklin Moser
President of the Alliance
Shannon Faulk*
President, Board of Trustees
  Noramae Munster*
Michael J. Fourticq, Sr.   Diane Naegele
Vice President, Board of Trustees
William M. Garland, III   Joan Payden
Mark Gavens   Jonathan M. Peacock
Tom Gilmore*   Peter Scranton
Stanley Gold   Michael Silver
Paul G. Haaga, Jr.   Sheldon Stone
Karen A. Hoffman   Mary Su*
Sarah Meeker Jensen
Chair of the Board
  Elizabeth Thumann
Malcolm Johnson   Richard S. Volpert
Curtis Jung*
President, Board of Governors
  Judge Eric E. Younger
Trustee Emeritus
Lynn W. Brengel
Neal H. Brockmeyer
H. Frederick Christie
Patricia Lombard
Dr. Jane G. Pisano
Mrs. Thomas Reddin
Richard Roeder
Kevin Sharer
  Officers of the Board (Staff)
Gretchen Humbert, CFO
Board Secretary
    * Governor