African Mammal Hall | Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

Unlike some cultural institutions, the Natural History Museum welcomes weddings and other personal celebrations in addition to corporate affairs and fellow non-profit organizations.

Recreating Nature Indoors

Ever wonder who made the dioramas in our mammal halls? Read all about the artists who created these wonderful scenes. Learn more >


Lounge on an African Safari?

Someplace near the Tana River in Kenya, Savanna Elephants, Cape buffalo and a family of giraffes take a moment to relax in a diorama so real you'll be surprised you can't hear them breathing. The African Mammal Hall is one of the most beloved spaces in the Museum. Slightly smaller and more dramatic than its counterpart, the exotic tableaus make the perfect backdrop to any kind of ceremony, reception or lounge. 


Theater - 420
Banquet - 200
Cocktail - 350