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Join the evolution!

NHMLA Next Campaign

NHMLA is in the midst of the greatest transformation in our 100-year history.

Campaign Update

The campaign is 86% of the way to our goal! Learn more +

The goal of the NHMLA Next Campaign is to take the Museum into the 21st century by better connecting with our visitors. Inside, we are renovating 45% of our building, adding new exhibits and amenities. Outside, we are creating 3½ acres of nature experiences. Throughout both, you will notice a theme of layered experience and learning.

Inspiring wonder, discovery, and responsibility is at the core of what NHMLA does. What is changing with our new exhibits is that we are better communicating the science behind our specimens and objects. We are experts in natural history, but what is changing with our new outdoor space is that we will be able to also connect our visitors to the living, breathing nature in Los Angeles. By our 2013 centennial, we will be a place where visitors of all ages can participate in the scientific process of discovery, and explore our past, present, and future — the story of the whole planet.
We are now entering the final phase of our NHMLA Next projects. Join the evolution.

NHMLA Next Projects