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  • Age of Mammals
  • Age of Mammals
  • Age of Mammals
  • Age of Mammals
  • Age of Mammals

Age of Mammals

A Story 65 Million Years in the Making This exhibit unfolds in a renovated wing of our original 1913 Building — utlizing the main floor, floating mezzanine, and natural sunlight.

What We Know About Mammal Evolution, and How We Know It

Age of Mammals tells an epic evolutionary story, but its theme can be distilled into just six words: Continents move. Climates change. Mammals evolve.

The exhibit displays some of NHM’s — and the world’s — most awe-inspiring fossil mammals, many of them exhibited for the first time. On view are the 50,000-year-old Simi Valley mastodon, shown for the first time since it was discovered in 2001; the mysterious paleoparadoxiid, an extinct relative of elephants and sea cows, which lived on the California coastline 10 to 12 million years ago and is as new to scientists as it is to Museum visitors; and an ancient species of sperm whale, its fossilized bones never before assembled by any institution, which floats high overhead in the beautifully restored, soaring hall.

Exhibit opened: 2010

Specimens on display: 230

First large-scale exhibit at NHM in: 20 years

It's a giant step for a 97-year-old institution in the process of reinventing itself. The sweeping exhibition — tracking the evolution of mammals through epochal changes in geology and climate — will fill the dramatically renovated northern wing of the museum's original building. ”

– Susanne Muchnic,

Los Angeles Times

Trust me, after you’ve been in the North Campus, you’ll see L.A. nature through new eyes.