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  • Becoming Los Angeles

Becoming Los Angeles

A New Approach to the L.A. Story   NHM's unparalleled collection of early Southern California cultural artifacts and its extraordinary scientific specimens are the foundation of the new exhibition. We'll explore Los Angeles' transformation from a cultural and environmental perspective. 

How Did a Remote Pueblo Become a Regional Metropolis?   

In July 2013, we open the third in a series of new indoor exhibitions that mark our transformation. Becoming Los Angeles is a new 14,000-square-foot exhibit that will offer a unique take on Los Angeles’ stories — how the land and people interacted, and how those interactions affect the city and the region we live in today. Powerful storytelling, contemporary design, exceptional objects, and multi-media will allow visitors to interact with the exhibition, and by extension, contemporary Los Angeles, in real time.

Inside a quartet of galleries in the Museum’s newly-renovated 1913 and 1920s buildings, a visually striking canopy will symbolize the sweep of local history and lead visitors through the exhibit’s major sections or historical eras: the pre-Spanish landscape; Mission Era; Mexican Rancho Era; the early years of the American Period; the emergence of a new American city in the late 19th and early 20th centuries; and Los Angeles as a global city of the 21st century.

Exhibition opens: 2013

Number of years covered: 470 

Number of large-scale interactive experiences: 3

We will have, for the first time, a permanent museum exhibition dedicated to the transformation story of Los Angeles — told via the relationship between nature and culture, between the environment and human activity. ”

– Dr. Jane Pisano,

NHM President and Director

Trust me, after you’ve been in the North Campus, you’ll see L.A. nature through new eyes.