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  • Nature Lab

Nature Lab

We Are All Scientists Believe it or not, Los Angeles is a wildlife hotspot. With the indoor Nature Lab and outdoor Nature Gardens, we will be able to more fully explore the nature all around us. Visitors can see what we have discovered so far, or discover something themselves!

Seeing Nature Through New Eyes

The Nature Lab is a hub of investigation where visitors of all ages can participate in real science research, learn scientific methods, and engage in hands-on activities that build their observation skills. They will learn, in other words, to see nature through new eyes.

The lab features  live animals, touchable specimens, citizen science projects, and multi-media. It is a place to explore the stories "behind" the extraordinary specimens, animals, and live nature — or as we say at the Museum, the “how we know what we know.” It is a bridge between the Museum’s indoor research and collections, and our new outdoor space.

Project completion: 2013

Long-term urban biodiversity studies in the world: 1 (ours)

Chance of finding species new to science: 100 percent

Inspiring wonder, discovery, and responsibility for our natural and cultural worlds is at the core of what we do for our visitors. What will change is that we will do those things outside. We will become, for the first time, a museum of both natural history and living nature. ”

– Dr. Jane Pisano,

NHM President and Director

Trust me, after you’ve been in the North Campus, you’ll see L.A. nature through new eyes.