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  • Recognition Opportunities

Recognition Opportunities

The Next Century of Wonder, Discovery, and Responsibility We are embarking on the final phase of our transformation, which will connect our understanding of nature to man’s role in shaping it.

Becoming Los Angeles

The environment and people interacted, and transformed L.A.

Kevin Sharer Hall

Kevin Sharer

W.M. Keck Foundation Gallery

W.M. Keck Foundation

The James Irvine Foundation Gallery

The James Irvine Foundation

William Randolph Hearst Gallery

William Randolph Hearst Foundation

Millard Sheets Mural

Leslie R. Mitchner

Citrus Story

Leslie R. Mitchner

Edwin Deakin Paintings

Joan Irvine Smith & Athalie R. Clarke Foundation

Kerosene Locomotive Headlamp

The Louchheim and Marks Families

Hollywood Costume Display

In memory of Harlyne J. Norris

Portrait Story

Dick and Marcia Volpert

Studio Process Auto Body

Gordon Hessler, D.G.A.

Cow, Corriente Breed

Patricia Clack Serenbetz

The Founding of Los Angeles, 1781

The Gilson Family: James, Nancy, Matthew, and Lisa

Nature Gardens

Learn to see L.A. wildlife through new eyes.

Sarah Meeker Jensen Pond

Sarah Meeker Jensen

Garland Amphitheater

In memory of Helen Chandler Garland and John Jewett Garland

Elaine Otter Leventhal Bridge

The Leventhal Family

Driscoll Family Fountain

Driscoll Family

Erika J. Glazer Family Edible Garden

Erika J. Glazer Family

Living Wall

Larry and Leiyan Keele

Dueling Dinos

Tamkin Family

Seasonal Creek

In memory of Leonard Carpenter Meeker

Wildlife Viewing Platform

Jonathan, Kathleen and Matthew Peacock

Critter Cam

Peggy Adams and Joel Edstrom

Fruit Trees

Fred and Sue Christie

Nature Lab

Where we can all be scientists.

Dinosaur Hall

Putting NHM among world's dinosaur exhibit leaders.

Jane G. Pisano Dinosaur Hall

Various Donors

The Rose Hills Foundation Gallery

The Rose Hills Foundation

Lynn Alessio Mezzanine

Lynn Alessio

T. rex Growth Series

Kenneth and Elaine Otter Leventhal

Fossil Wall

Gretchen Augustyn

Plesiosaur "Poly" with Embryo

The de Roos Family


In memory of Roger Allan Kozberg


Richard and Eileen Garson

Evolutionary Connections

The Esther Chui-Chao Family


Pradip and Rekha Choksi

Coelophysis Block

The Alliance in honor of Jane G. Pisano

T. rex Adult Skull

John and Nancy Edwards

Pteranodon skull

The Rolfe Family


Karisma Foundation

Age of Mammals

Continents move. Climates change. Mammals evolve.

The Ahmanson Hall

The Ahmanson Foundation

Meeker Jensen Family Gallery

Meeker Jensen Family

Marla and Drew Sobel Mezzanine

Marla and Drew Sobel

Early Humans Stood Upright

Joan and Arnold Travis

American Mastodon

John and Nancy Edwards

Polar Bear

Lois Petzhold-Hindin


Victoria Chapus and Family

Turkana Boy

Mumsey and Allan Nemiroff

Dire Wolf

In Memory of Jeffrey Beyer

Walking Whale

Carl and Linda Moy

Saber-toother Cat

John and Nancy Edwards

Early Bat

Susan Montgomery and Robert Blattner

1913 Building

The original Museum building.

1913 Building
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The original 1913 Building is the historic core of the Museum, encompassing the Rotunda, Age of Mammals, and the upcoming permanent exhibitions related to dinosaurs and Los Angeles history.

Haaga Family Rotunda

Haaga Family

Judge Eric and Debra Younger Terrace

Judge Eric and Debra Younger

Stained Glass Oculus

Stanley and Ilene Gold

Muses Statue

The Pisano Family


Neal and Molly Brockmeyer

Rotunda Case

Suzonne and Robert Bass

Rotunda Case

James and Judeth Davis

Rotunda Case

Leon Lowenstein Foundation Inc. in honor of the John M. Bendheim, Jr. Family