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Because our curatorial staff members are experts in wide-ranging subjects, they are resources for journalists, writers, producers, and filmmakers.

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Field Research

"Most of the world's mammals were described in Darwin's time. But I can go somewhere today and see things that no one else has seen before or identified, doing all kinds of bizarre things." 

—Dr. Brian Brown, Entomology Curator, pictured here in Argentina, studying bee-killing flies who attack their hosts on palm flowers.


Guide to Experts

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Subject Staff
African mammals
(elephants, rhinos, pigs,hippos, giraffes, antelopes)
John Harris
Amazon, geology and paleontology Kenneth Campbell
Bats Jim Dines
Biodiversity Brian Brown, Gordon Hendler, Jody Martin, Dean Pentcheff
Biostratigraphy, Asia and North America Xiaoming Wang
Biological illustration Rick Feeney, Jody Martin
Birds Kimball Garrett
Birds, fossil Kenneth Campbell
Bird, dinosaur link Luis Chiappe
Bird watching Kimball Garrett
Cars Beth Werling
China, paleontology Luis Chiappe, Xiaoming Wang
Collection database technologies Chris Coleman, Rick Feeney, KT Hajeian, Samuel McLeod, Regina Wetzer
Collection management Regina Wetzer
Conservation, environmental Jody Martin
Conservation of artifacts Tania Collas
Coral reefs Gordon Hendler, Jody Martin, Christine Thacker
Crabs, lobsters, shrimps Jody Martin
Crustacea Jody Martin, Dean Pentcheff, Regina Wetzer
Deep sea biology Gordon Hendler, Jody Martin
Diamonds Anthony Kampf
Dinosaurs Luis Chiappe
Early man John Harris
(sea stars, urchins, sand dollars, sea cucumbers, feather stars, brittle stars, basket stars)
Gordon Hendler
El Pueblo de Los Angeles William Estrada
Environmental impact fossil protection Samuel McLeod
Evolution, early human John Harris
Evolution/creationism controversy Kirk Fitzhugh, Jody Martin, Dean Pentcheff
Fan worms Kirk Fitzhugh
Film memorabilia Beth Werling
Fishes Rick Feeney, Christine Thacker
Fossil bats Samuel McLeod
Fossil birds Kenneth Campbell, Luis Chiappe
Fossil carnivorans
(dogs, cats, bears, weasels, hyenas, etc)
Xiaoming Wang
Fossil fishes Christine Thacker
Fossil invertebrates
(clams, snails, corals)
Mary Stecheson
Fossils, marine vertebrates Lawrence Barnes, Samuel McLeod
Fossil whales

Jorge Velez-Juarbe

Geology Lindsey Groves
Gems Anthony Kampf
Government records, historic Los Angeles County John Cahoon, Betty Uyeda
Herpetology Rick Feeney, Greg Pauly
Ice Age John Harris
Ichthyology Rick Feeney, Christine Thacker
Invertebrate biology Jody Martin, Gordon Hendler, Kirk Fitzhugh, Regina Wetzer
Jellyfish Jody Martin
La Brea Tar Pits John Harris
La Brea Tar Pits, birds Kenneth Campbell
Los Angeles, history of William Estrada, Betty Uyeda
Mammals Jim Dines
Maps, (historic) of Southern California John Cahoon, Betty Uyeda
Marine invertebrates Jody Martin, Gordon Hendler, Kirk Fitzhugh, Regina Wetzer
Marine vertebrates Lawrence Barnes
Marine biology Jody Martin, Gordon Hendler, Kirk Fitzhugh, Christine Thacker, Regina Wetzer
Marine mammals Lawrence Barnes, Jim Dines
Marine mammals, stranded Jim Dines
Mesozoic tetrapods Luis Chiappe
Minerals Alyssa Morgan
Molecular systematics, genetics Chris Thacker, Regina Wetzer
Mollusks Lindsey Groves
Motion picture industry Beth Werling
Native American cultures Margaret Hardin
Ocean health Jody Martin, Gordon Hendler
Polychaetes Kirk Fitzhugh, Leslie Harris, Kathy Omura
Philosophy of science Kirk Fitzhugh
Photographs, historic John Cahoon, Betty Uyeda
Reef fishes Christine Thacker
Reptiles Neftali Camacho, Rick Feeney, Greg Pauly
Sharks Rick Feeney
SCUBA Gordon Hendler, Christine Thacker, Regina Wetzer
Snorkeling Rick Feeney, Leslie Harris
Southern California, history John Cahoon, William Estrada, Brent Riggs, Betty Uyeda
Southern California, natural history Lindsey Groves, Kimball Garrett, Gordon Hendler
Spiders Brian Brown
Streets of Los Angeles, history Betty Uyeda
Tar Pits John Harris
Tibet, geology and paleoenviroments Xiaoming Wang
Turtles and toads Greg Pauly
Urban ecology Brian Brown, Kimball Garrett
Wet lab collections Rick Feeney, Leslie Harris, Kathy Omura
Whales Lawrence Barnes, Jim Dines
Worms Kirk Fitzhugh, Leslie Harris
Zuni fetishes Margaret Hardin