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Holiday Gift Guide

This Holiday Season, Find unique, eco-friendly gifts at the Natural History Family of Museums! Sarah Ardalani at the Los Angeles Times writes, “in addition to educating greater Los Angeles about various bug species, prehistoric and mammal life, the Natural History Museum is now offering a slew of cool, unconventional gifts just in time for the holidays.”
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North America’s Tiniest Dinosaur

NHM’s Dr. Luis Chiappe co-authored a paper on a newly classified dinosaur species, Fruitadens haagarorum. The smallest dinosaur ever found in North America weighed less than two pounds and was just 28 inches long.
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New Website

Next step for the Natural History Museum? A brand new website! The update of our online home is one of several steps in the Museum’s transformation.
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NHM Next

The 1913 Building is the Museum’s heart and soul: It’s the original component of our now sprawling structure, and housed our first precious collections. After two years of renovation, the Beaux-Arts gem reopened this year, catching the attention of news outlets and architecture trade press.
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The Eagle Lands Again

When the Museum opened in 1913, a six-foot terra cotta eagle perched atop its entrance. But after damage in a 1920 earthquake, it had to come down. Using Museum archival records and a little artistic imagination, a new statue was created.
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Project 23: New Discoveries at Rancho La Brea

In February of 2009 the Museum announced one of the most important discovery endeavors in the history of Rancho La Brea — the largest known deposit of fossils from the last ice age, including a nearly intact skeleton of a Columbian mammoth.
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Thomas the T. rex

NHM’s Thomas the T. rex Lab is a specially designed workroom where visitors may watch the actual work of paleontologists as they prepare and assemble the fossils of a 66-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex nicknamed Thomas 

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Sauropod Discovery

Our Dinosaur Institute discovers the skeleton of a 150-million-year-old Sauropod while on an expedition in Utah.
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Museum’s Warehouse

An unassuming building near downtown Los Angeles houses bones, specimens, and the colorful history that goes with them.
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