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Press Releases

  • WeDigBio: The Future of Digitizing Museum Collections. View PDF
  • Tattoo Exhibition Spotlights Southern California Artists. View PDF
  • Scientists Discover Giant New Otter from the Latest Miocene Shuitangba Site in China's Northeastern Yunnan Province View PDF
  • 30+ Carat "Juliet Pink" and Rare "Argyle Violet" Diamonds Make U.S. Debut View PDF
  • New NHM Urban Nature Research Center Conducts World's Largest Urban Biodiversity Study View PDF
  • NHM Mineralogy Curator Describes "Mineral of the Year' View PDF
  • Tiny Ancient Fossil From Spain Shows Birds Flew Over Heads of Dinosaurs View PDF
  • Extreme Climate Change Kept Large Dinosaurs from Ruling the Tropics View PDF
  • Little Flies in the Big City View PDF
  • New Fossil Rattles Moby Dick's Family Tree View PDF
  • 30 New Species Discovered in Los Angeles Urban Biodiversity Survey View PDF
  • Tiny New Fossil Helps Rewrite Crab Evolution, Sheds Light on Late Jurassic Marine World View PDF
  • New Fossil Finds Suggest South American Monkeys Came From Africa View PDF
  • New Paper Identifies Virus Devastating Sea Stars on Pacific Coast View PDF
  • Grandes Maestros Opens November 9, 2014 View PDF | View PDF en español
  • Dr. Jane G. Pisano, NHM's President and Director, Announces Intention to Retire View PDF
  • Rare Blue Moon Diamond Makes Debut in Gem and Mineral Hall View PDF
  • New Feathered Predatory Fossil Sheds Light on Dinosaur Flight View PDF
  • New Paper Suggests High Tibet was Cradle of Evolution View PDF
  • New Study Clarifies Lobster Evolution View PDF
  • Ice Age Predator Evolution Driven by Climate Change View PDF
  • Rare Insect Fossils Reveal Clues about Ice Age View PDF
  • Traveling the Silk Road Marketplace and Events View PDF
  • New Traveling Exhibit Traveling the Silk Road Opens at NHM View PDF
  • NHM Launches Object of Affection Campaign View PDF
  • North Campus Urban Nature Experience Announcement View PDF
  • Bug Fair 2012 View PDF
  • Butterfly brooch collection on display in the Gem and Mineral Hall View PDF
  • William S. Hart Museum honors two award-winning films, Hugo and The Artist, with special exhibit. View PDF
  • Butterfly Pavilion 2012! View PDF
  • Becoming Los Angeles: NHM to open landmark exhibition on environmental and cultural history of Los Angeles in December 2012. View PDF
  • NHM Float in Tournament of Roses Parade View PDF
  • Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits Launches new Website View PDF
  • Artistic Evolution: Southern California Artists at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County 1945 - 1963 (Pacific Standard Time) View PDF View image gallery
  • NHM announces discovery of important woolly rhino View PDF
  • Pregnant Plesiosaur provides first evidence of live birth in these prehistoric marine reptiles View PDF
  • Download the complete Dinosaur Hall press kit View PDF
  • New paper, co-written by NHM’s Dr. Anthony Kampf, announces discovery of one of earliest minerals formed in solar system View PDF
  • Dinosaur Hall Press Release View PDF
  • NHM Receives $13 Million Gift for Otis Booth Pavilion View PDF
  • Announcement of NHM Next Campaign View PDF
  • NHM unveils plans for new North Campus, opening July 2011 View PDF
  • NHM brings climate change and evolution dramatically to life in Age of Mammals  View PDF
  • World's best preserved Mosasaur fossil at NHM unocks mysteries about 85-million-year-old sea monster. (It's also on display in the Dino Lab!) View PDF 
  • NHM to receive grant from The James Irvine Foundation View PDF
  • New website launches View PDF
  • 1913 Building renovation press kit View PDF
  • Bug Fair — NHM’s most popular weekend event creeps back into Exposition Park 
    View PDF
  • Hundreds of butterflies flutter into Los Angeles when Pavilion of Wings returns 
    View PDF
  • NHM re-Imagines its role as educators in book “Interplay” View PDF
  • William S. Hart postage stamp unveiling View PDF
  • Awe-inspiring 63-foot specimen returns to Museum in Fin Whale Passage  View PDF
  • Museum scientists are major contributors to a new study establishing relationships among all arthropods  View PDF
  • Museum researcher co-authors paper disputing long-held beliefs on evolution of breathing in vertebrates View PDF
  • Rudolph Valentino's sheild authenticated by collections manager at Museum View PDF
  • Museum announces First Fridays 2010  View PDF