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In these tours, our scientists take visitors through their labs and special collection areas.

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When you give to the Museum, you support our scientists' research on the planet's biodiversity. You are also creating tomorrow's scientists. Our teacher resources make each field trip a learning experience, our education outreach brings the science of discovery to schools all over L.A.
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Behind-the-Scenes Tours

There's a Whole World Behind the Scenes

Members are eligible for behind-the-scenes tours that give unparalleled opportunities to hear directly from the Natural History Museum's renowned scientists and curators as they walk you through collections not on view to the public and update you on their latest research and fieldwork conducted around the globe.

The Natural History Museum has over 35 million specimens in its collections, ranging from beautiful gems and bizarre bugs, to ancient artifacts from indigenous peoples and titanic dinosaur bones.

Explore the NHM's Research and Collections Departments


Scavenger Safari

Explore behind the scenes and discover a different curatorial department each month. Meet our scientists, researchers, and collections managers, and go on a scavenger hunt throughout the Museum.

Free for members at the Patron Family level and higher.
To RSVP for this month's Scavenger Safari, call 213.763.3499 or email

Want to host a private Scavenger Safari?

Get the same fun-filled Scavenger Safari program exclusively for up to 10 of your family and friends.

Free for Members at the Explorer level and higher. To plan your Private Scavenger Safari, call 213.763.3253

All-Stars of Science Tours

We'll roll out the red carpet for you and up to 10 guests on this weekday behind-the-scenes tour with one of our world-renowned Museum curators.

Free for members at the Naturalist level and higher. To plan your All-Stars of Science Tour, call 213.763.3253

Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Access

Fellows members have an opportunity for exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the Museum's collections. Learn more about the Fellows.