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BioSCAN is the World's Largest Urban Biodiversity Study. Millions of Insects from in and around Los Angeles have, and continue to be, collected. Currently, BioSCAN is gearing up for Phase II of the project which will survey L.A. from ocean to desert. Photo Credit: Kelsey Bailey

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In 2012, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County launched a new research initiative: NHMLA Biodiversity Science: City and Nature (NHMLA BioSCAN). This first-of-its-kind scientific investigation is discovering and exploring biodiversity in and around one of the world’s largest cities: Los Angeles. In sampling from the urban core right out through less-urban surrounding areas through mid-2015, we focused on insects, the most diverse group of animals on our planet. We are discovering and documenting the diversity of insect species living with us in Los Angeles as well as testing intriguing hypotheses about how natural areas around the city affect its biodiversity and, conversely, how urban areas may be affecting their surroundings. NHMLA BioSCAN is taking full advantage of our Museum base by directly engaging the public in the discovery and exploration of their home city.