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The queen butterfly, Danaus gilippus, occurs in many of our local deserts. Like the well-known monarch butterfly, queen caterpillars eat milkweed leaves, which contain toxins, and make them unpalatable to birds.
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Butterflies and Moths of North America
Our partner for the L.A. Butterfly Survey.

North American Butterfly Association
Great resources for butterfly gardening.

Monarch Watch
This is a great Community Science project for tracking Monarchs during the migration.

Xerces Society
Organization dedicated to invertebrate conservation.


An Introduction to Southern California Butterflies
Photographic guide to the butterflies of our region, by Fred Heath

California Butterflies
Out-of-print book, by John S. Garth and J. W. Tilden (available electronically)

Moths of Western North America
In-depth resource for the real moth enthusiast