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These ladybugs are housed in the Museum's Entomology collection-we have over a hundred species of ladybugs from Los Angeles alone!

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How to Participate

Step 1: Find Ladybugs

Go out and collect some ladybugs (go to this page for information on How to Find, Collect, and Photograph Ladybugs and check out our handy L.A. Ladybug Field Guide 950K PDF).

Step 2: Photograph Ladybugs

When you find a ladybug — photograph it! (see How to Find, Collect, and Photograph Ladybugs for instructions).

Step 3: Upload your Information

Upload your digital images using our submission form along with the time, date, location, and habitat (e.g. garden, wild field, corn field, etc.).

Quick Tips

  • The more photos you take, the better! Even if they are all of the same kind of ladybug.
  • Zeros are useful data!  Tell us even if you searched and didn’t find any ladybugs.
  • Data is most useful if you can tell us — where and how you collected, how many people collected for how long, the time, date, weather, and habitat.