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This Southern Alligator Lizard was discovered curled up in this position underneath a board on a cold winter day. Photo: Gary Nafis.

RASCals Contact Information

General Inquiries
E-mail: rascals@nhm.org
telephone: 213.763.3535

Richard Smart
Manager, Community Science Program
Telephone: 213.763.3535

Greg Pauly
Assistant Curator, Herpetology

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RASCals Data

Reptiles and Amphibians of Southern California Data

To view the most recent Reptiles and Amphibians of Southern California (RASCals) data, visit our project page on iNaturalist: http://www.inaturalist.org/projects/rascals.

On the project page you will be able to view a map of observations that have been submitted, see who has contributed, how many contributions each person has made, and how many of the potential species in this area have been documented through RASCals.

Lost Lizards of Los Angeles Data

From 2010 to June 2013, NHM had a successful community science project called Lost Lizards of Los Angeles (LLOLA). LLOLA aimed to find out where lizards occur in the Los Angeles Basin, and start to hypothesize why they can survive there.

The success of this project led NHM to expand the scope by including all reptiles and amphibians and expanding the geographic range from the Greater L.A. Area to all of southern California.

While LLOLA is no longer active, the data can still be viewed.