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Appleseed snails (Cochilocopa lubrica). These were collected in the Rose Garden next door to the Museum by teachers attending an

SLIME - Snails and Slugs Living in Metropolitan Environments

Help us complete the first community science snail survey focusing on the urban areas of Southern California by finding snails and slugs, taking photos of them, and uploading them to the SLIME iNaturalist page.
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Snails and slugs Living in Metropolitan Environments (SLIME) Data

So far, Cornu aspersum (the common garden snail) is the most common specimen contributed by SLIME citizen scientists.

To view the most recent SLIME data from our participants sending in digital photos, visit our project page on iNaturalist:

On the project page you will be able to view a map of observations that have been submitted, see who has contributed, how many contributions each person has made, and how many of the potential species in this area have been documented through the project.