Spider Survey - Resources | Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

The “common orb weaver” also known as the  Neoscona crucifera are found across the United States from Florida to Maine in the Southwest and Mexico

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Spider Pavilion Photos

Thanks to everybody that came out to the Spider Pavilion 2011. Check out our Spider Photos group on Flickr and upload your pictures to share with us! View more




Insects of the Los Angeles Basin, LA Co. M.N.H.

Spiders And Their Kin, by H. Levi, Golden Press, N.Y. 

How To Know The Spiders, by B.J. Kaston, Pictured Key Nature Series, Wm. C. Brown, Dubuque, Iowa.   

For a more technical reference see:  Spider Genera of North America by V. Roth, available through the American Arachnological Society, C/o Jon Reiskind, Department of Zoology, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL. 32611.