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How To Participate

Follow these steps to become a real life ZomBee hunter!

*As you can imagine there are some (minor) dangers you should be aware of if you decide to become a ZomBee hunter. Always handle bees with caution, keep in mind that even weak and dying honey bees can still sting you. You wouldn't want to turn into a ZomBee, now would you?


Step 1: Find ZomBees

There are three places you might find ZomBees! Under your porch light in the morning, under a street light at night, or stranded on sidewalks.

*Optional: You can also find ZomBees by making your own light trap by following the instructions in this tutorial. 

Step 2: Collect ZomBees

Use a pair of tweezers or forceps to carefully place the suspected ZomBees into a container. Label each container with the date and location of your finding. Make sure you only have one container for each location. 

Step 3: Take Your Samples Inside and See What Comes Out

Keep your containers in a secure place away from the sun. Check each sample periodically for fly larvae (maggots) and brown pill-shaped fly pupae. Take note of what you find. Go to our Collecting ZomBees section for more detailed instructions on monitoring your samples.

*Note: Please don't mail us your ZomBees! We are looking for your data (how many pupae and zombie flies came out of your ZomBees), and your photographs.

Step 4: Send Us Your Information

Go to the ZomBee Watch site to upload your photos and findings as soon as possible after you collect your samples.

*Note if this is your first time submitting to the ZomBee Watch site, you will need to create an account. Don't worry, it is quick and easy to do, and logged-in users can track their submissions.