Meet the Coolest Cat Around

Check out a video for the
Ice Age Encounters shows and catch it live at the Page Museum!  

Hop, Slither and Stalk!

Move, think and behave like an animal in our interactive giant puppet shows. Learn more >

Who's in the Puppets?

What does it take to be a dinosaur? Meet our Performing Artist Staff. Learn More


The Discovery Center

The Ralph M. Parsons Discovery Center has moved!  Join us in our beautiful new home overlooking the Butterfly Pavilion and Exposition Park for a family-friendly, hands-on experience.


Get Your Hands on Discovery!

Touchable minerals, furs, and fossils are highlights in the Discovery Center as you explore the diversity of Earth's natural history. Saunter up to a sloth, stampede with a herd of African antelope, or pose next to our iconic polar bear – it’s up to you.

Magnify Your World

Microscopes and magnifying glasses allow you to investigate anything in the Discover Center up close. Binoculars let you get a birds-eye view of what’s going on outside, whether at our bird feeders or in the skies.

Encounter Adventure

Discover a selection of real fossils from around the world. But watch out that a fossil doesn’t find you instead…the stars from Dinosaur Encounters also call the Discovery Center home.


Ralph M. Parsons Insect Zoo

The Insect Zoo is also in the Discovery Center.  Housing nine of our favorite local insects and other arthropods, you get a chance to get up-close and personal with these amazing animals.