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Big Screen, Bigger Science

Thanks for making our 2016 First Fridays season a success.

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Age of Mammals Media

Go in depth with our researchers and the unique specimens from the 
Age of Mammals exhibit.
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First Fridays Live Webcast

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First Fridays goes 3D

Take a virtual tour of some of the galleries, visit our Flickr page, and get a unique look at specimens with your First Fridays 3D glasses.
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Friday, June 4, 2010

Tour and Discussion (5:00 pm - 7:30 pm)

Tour (5:30 pm): “A Brief Look at our Solar System” Tour with Alyssa Morgan, Collections Manager of Mineral Sciences


Discussion (6:30 pm): “Now Introducing: The Massive Black Hole at the Center of our Galaxy” with Dr. Andrea Ghez

More than a quarter century ago, it was suggested that galaxies such as our own Milky Way may harbor massive, though possibly dormant, central black holes. Definitive proof, for or against, the existence of a massive central black hole lies in the assessment of the distribution of matter in the center of the Galaxy.  The motion of the stars in the vicinity of a black hole offers a way to determine this distribution.  Based on 10 years of high resolution imaging, Dr. Ghez's team has moved the case for a supermassive black hole at the Galactic Center from a possibility to a certainty.  This not only provided us with the best evidence yet that these exotic objects really do exist, but it also provides us with a wonderful opportunity to study what role this black hole has played on the formation and evolution of our  Galaxy


Hear all of the First Fridays discussions on Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County - First Fridays

Performances (8:00 pm - 10:00 pm)

Performances in the diorama hall with Peanut Butter Wolf and Neon Indian

Since founding Stones Throw Records in 1996, San Jose-native Chris Manak (aka Peanut Butter Wolf) has found recognition as a producer with a willness to experiment and the confidence to provide Stones Throw’s artists with musical carte blanche. He has overseen the releases of Lootpack’s Soundpieces, Quasimoto’s The Unseen, Breakestra’s Live Mix, Yesterdays New Quintet’s Angles Without Edges, Madlib’s Shades of Blue, and Jaylib’s Champion Sound. In recent years PB Wolf has strayed from producing to perform as a DJ internationally.

Spin Magazine hailed Neon Indian as one of the best peformers of SXSW this year, describing the Texas-based group's sound as "rinky-dink synth pop that built a pastel pleasuredome out of squiggly synth lines, chintzy keyboard, brittle guitar, and a charmingly stiff beat."

DJs (5:30 pm - 10:00 pm)

Resident DJ, Them Jeans (a.k.a. Jason Stewart) and special guest Classixx

With musical tastes spanning from hardcore punk to dancefloor-friendly hip-hop, post-rock to ambient electronic, Them Jeans never fails to deliver a set with the perfect mood for the gathering. Them Jeans is joined in the DJ lounge this month Classixx, a Los Angeles-based duo who recently performed at Coachella Music Festival.

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