First Fridays - March 2, 2012 | Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

Once a month, the Museum stays open late, and the adults come out to play.
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Big Screen, Bigger Science

Thanks for making our 2016 First Fridays season a success.

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First Fridays February 2012

Here are some of our favorite pictures from February 2012 First Fridays! 
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Tour and Discussion (5:00 pm - 7:30 pm)

Tour (5:00 pm, 5:30 pm, 6:00 pm): "The Evolving Universe" with Doug Pearlstein (Gallery Interpreter)


Discussion (6:30 pm): "Why Pluto Had to Die" with Dr. Mike Brown

Pluto, which used to be thought of as a lonely oddball planet at the edge of the solar system, is now known to be part of a new collection of tiny worlds circling far beyond the sun. Brown will talk about the discoveries of these worlds and how our new explosion of knowledge led, inevitably, to an undeniable conclusion: Pluto had to die.


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Performances (8:00 pm - 10:00 pm)

Performances by Zola Jesus and EMA


In the last three years Nika Roza Danilova has gone from being an outsider experimental teenage noise-maker to a full fledged internationally celebrated electronic pop musician. It was a huge feat to accomplish, and despite her age (young), her geography (mid-western, desolate), her accelerated scholastic requirements (high school and college were completed in three years each) and her diminutive physical size (4”11, 90 lbs) she has triumphed. She has emerged as a figurehead—a self-produced, self-designed, self-taught independent woman.
Zola Jesus is not a singer; she is a musician. Zola Jesus is not a band; it is a solo project. That is not to say the people who have helped her along the way were not deeply important. Her irreplaceable live band, who’s drummer Nick Johnson lends a hand on several tracks here, and her friend Brian Foote who co-produced this album in addition to the live string players (Sean McCann, Ryan York) who contribute here were all crucial in the process. Nika however, is a woman who can command a room, any room, without needing a band, a stage, or even a microphone. Her voice is unmistakable; it cuts right to the core.
Conatus is a huge leap forward in production, instrumentation and song structure. It says it all in the definition of the title: the will to keep on, to move forward. From thumping ballads to electronic glitch, no sound goes unexplored on her new record. It is an icy exploration in refined chaos and controlled madness, an effort to break through capability and access a sonic world that crumbles as it shines.


A native of South Dakota – the sparsely inhabited north end of America’s heartland (her blog is called ‘came outta nowhere’) – EMA has a unique and at times dervish-like guitar style, a skill for visceral songwriting, and a DIY recording ethos that has seen her develop a distinctive sonic signature.  Her songs are somewhat neurotically assembled and essentially raw, the product of obsession by somebody who never learned the ‘right’ way to do things.  Besides making music, EMA has been involved in video, performance and curating multimedia shows in West Oakland and LA.

DJs (5:30 pm - 10:00 pm)

Resident DJ Anthony Valadez featuring Chuck P

KCRW DJs Anthony Valadez and Chuck P join us in the lounge where you can get your groove on and enjoy the dioramas of the African Mammal Hall.

Anthony Valadez is a Los Angeles based DJ/Producer and visual artist with residencies at Little Temple, Zanzibar and Federal Bar. His latest musical projects include remixes for David Bowie and Ozomatli. He has released two full length albums on indie label Recordbreakin. He is a resident DJ at and has a regular program on 89.9 FM KCRW and where he mixes future beats, soulful keys, and tomorrow's samples and sounds. (



Chuck P spins a blend of Indie pop/rock and world music on Monday mornings (midnight to 3 am) on his latest radio home, KCRW (89.9 FM and Chuck has been in radio for over 21 years, working his way up and down the West Coast — from Washington to San Diego — before settling in at the late Indie 103. Chuck is a big supporter of local music and is always on the search for his next musical epiphany.

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