The Making of a Diorama

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Robert Russell Reid

Robert Russell Reid began his professional career as a commercial illustrator. After ten years in advertising he obtained his first commission as a muralist, creating a life-sized depiction of an Indian village for the Neville Public Museum in Green Bay, Wisconsin. This led to several dioramas for the Wilbur May Museum in Reno, Nevada, the "Penguin Encounter" in San Diego's Sea World, and numerous movie and commercial set backdrops. Reid joined the museum staff in 1985. During the past twenty years he has painted many of the backgrounds for the African Mammal Hall dioramas and two of the dioramas in the North American Mammal Hall. He was also responsible for much of the art in the Schreiber Hall of Birds, the background for the Chaparral Hall, and two murals for the Page Museum. In addition, he has contributed many smaller paintings and illustrations for the museum's traveling exhibit program as well as artwork for the Petersen Automotive Museum and Columbia Gorge Discovery Center.