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The Dinosaur Hall features many large-scale murals, including this one depicting the giant Mamenchisaurus. (detail) Illustration by Julius Csotonyi. Courtesy of NHM.

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Utah Expeditions Photos

Hunting for Dinosaur Footprints



Discover some of the media projects and interactives that will complement the new Dinosaur Hall exhibit. Check back for frequent updates as we celebrate and help to provide additional stories that we've discovered through the making of this one-of-a-kind exhibit.


On Aug. 5 NHM and the Dinosaur Institute will be broadcasting a live Q & A video event from our field site in Utah as part of a marketing initiative to introduce a wider audience to our research and collections. We’ll be broadcasting on our YouTube channel and questions can be submitted by anyone via social media and also during a special onsite pop up event in the Grand Foyer on Level 1.

Meet Polly, the Pregnant Plesiosaur

A new paper in Science, co-authored by our very own Dr. Luis Chiappe, provides the first evidence of live birth in plesiosaurs, prehistoric marine reptiles. The specimen that inspired the paper is on view in the Museum's Dinosaur Hall, and we recently caught up with Dr. Chiappe and lead author Dr. F. Robin O'Keefe, a paleontologist at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia!

Bringing Ancient Animals to Life

Many of the illustrations you'll see in the Dinosaur Hall were done by our very own Stephanie Abramowicz. In addition to the Q&A in the Naturalist, we have more illustrations and a video to show you with more detail about her incredible contributions.