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Our Live Animal Program accomplishes all three components of our mission: to inspire wonder, discovery and responsibility! Pictured in all her green glory is Tallulah, a Solomon Islands skink.

Let Us Bug You!

Check out our permanent Insect Zoo exhibit! We have bugs all year round.
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The Discovery Center is all about a hands-on experience. We have real bones, minerals, furs, and fossils. It's also home to our Dinosaur Encounters puppets and a giant T. rex puzzle. Learn more >


Live Animals

Live Animal Program Resources and Links

We are always learning new tips and techniques for improving the lives of our Live Animals. 

Below you will soon find just a few of our PDF care sheets to start you on your research. Also, please further your research at as many reputable sources as you can.

Here are just a few sources that we consider to have good information on the care of your animals as well as the natural history of our Live Animals.

"Herp" (reptile and amphibian) care, rescue, and breeding information from Melissa Kaplan's Herp Care Collection

Chelonian (turtle and tortoise) care, rescue, and breeding information from the California Turtle and Tortoise Club

Adoption, resource, and club information from the California Herpetological Association

Adoption, resource, and club information from the Southwestern Herpetological Society

Natural history information about wild "herp" populations in California

Natural history and conservation information about chelonians (turtles and tortoises)

Regulations and laws applicable to "herps" in California