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Dall's sheep

Ovis dalli (Nelson, 1884)

Dall's sheep diorama in the North American Mammal Hall


 Skolai Pass in Wrangell Mountains, southeast Alaska


 Clarence S. Stacey and Hugh H.Logan

Background artist:

 Hanson Duvall Puthuff (1875-1972) and Robert C. Clark

Males of Dall’s sheep, also known as the thinhorn sheep, live in bands that seldom associate with female group except in the mating season (late November-early December).

Dominant males fight for access to females by forcefully slamming their horns together. The impact can often be heard from miles away.

Biological Information

Range map for the dall's sheep


Alaska and Yukon


Timberline of rocky, precipitous mountains


Common within protected reserves


Locally abundant in high mountainous terrain at high latitudes

Further information about this species may be found on the Animal Diversity Web page for Dall's sheep.