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The Making of a Diorama

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Recreating Nature Indoors

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NHMLA Member Magazine

October November 2017
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Martes pennanti (Erxleben, 1777)

Fisher diorama in the North American Mammal Hall


 East slope of Sierra Nevada, Inyo County, California


 Mr. & Mrs. Hugh H. Logan

 Fishers are agile and speedy tree climbers but spend most of their time on the ground. They are quite solitary except during the mating season. Fishers hunt porcupines and can effectively control porcupine populations, which are known to damage timber crops by debarking and killing trees. Fishers are trapped and killed for their pelts.

Biological Information

Range map for the fisher


Southern Canada southwards to (a) East coast to Tennessee, (b) Rocky Mountains to Utah, (c) west coast to Humboldt County and in Sierra Nevada to Inyo County, California


Mixed coniferous/deciduous forests


Rare; fisher populations in southern Sierra Nevada have been proposed as candidates for protection under the endangered species act


Mostly rodents

Further information about this species may be found on the Animal Diversity Web page for fisher.