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Northern fur seal

Callorhinus ursinus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Northern fur seal diorama in the North American Mammal Hall


 Kitovi Rockery, St Paul, Pribilof Islands, Alaska


 Keith Spalding

Background artist:

 Robert C. Clark

Northern fur seals spend the majority of their lives in the cool water of the North Pacific Ocean. During the reproductive season northern fur seals arrive at island breeding grounds. Male northern fur seals remain on land. Females will remain on land during mating but will re-enter the ocean to hunt while nursing a pup.

Biological Information

Range map for the northern fur seal


Southern California to Bering Sea


Pacific Ocean


Almost extinct in the mid 1700s; currently threatened by loss of breeding habitats on islands


Herring, squid, lantern fish and pollock

Further information about this species may be found on the Animal Diversity Web page for northern fur seal.