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If you haven't heard already, we're taking the Museum outside!

Lost Lizards of Los Angeles

Where are the lizards in L.A.? We hope to answer this question and we need your help! 
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Erika J. Glazer Family Edible Garden

Why Build a Garden?

If you haven't heard already, we're taking the Museum outside! A new outdoor nature area, known as the Nature Gardens, is sprouting up around NHMLA, bringing a fun and interactive park and habitat area right into the heart of the city. Think of it as the city’s new backyard, filled with a range of garden environments and interactive opportunities for visitors of all ages to watch birds and search for bugs, stroll along a creek, ramble through a grove of trees, and see how urban gardens grow food in the new Erika J. Glazer Family Edible Garden.

To get our visitors into the mood for growing vegetables, composting, and searching for beneficial garden bugs-we built the edible garden. This space, next to the Butterfly and Spider Pavilions, allows us to try out new programs, get our green fingers in gear, and get you, our visitors, excited about the Nature Gardens.

How We Started

In early 2010 the Museum was approached by Los Angeles County Cooperative Extension's Master Gardener, Florence Nishida, with a proposal. As part of her Master Gardener program she wanted to build a teaching garden for the Grow LA Victory Garden Initiative. This initiative supports new gardeners as they learn about gardening through hands-on workshops, and ultimately creation of their own home gardens. The program is targeted to reach underserved communities so Exposition Park was the perfect location.

From the Museum's perspective it was an opportunity too good to miss. It is perfectly in line with development of our Nature Gardens, and it gives us the opportunity to partner with the Master Gardeners.

Reasons to start your own vegetable garden with Florence Nishida