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Artist Submissions


Interested in being a part of NHMLA’s Tattoo exhibition? We're looking for local artists to help us better represent L.A.’s diverse tattoo story. We invite you to share your unique tattoo artwork and the story behind it. Please complete and submit the form below for a chance to be included in the marketing of the exhibition!


Mission Statement and Conduct Policy
Please review with your child before the start of camp.

Our mission is to provide your child with the opportunity to explore fascinating topics through active encounters that spark his/ her natural curiosity. We believe having an enjoyable learning experience ranks just as highly as the information that is learned.

To ensure that everyone participating in our program has a fun and safe experience, we expect all participants to be respectful of the rights and property of others, we have set the following conduct policy.

1. Our instructors and staff will go over the Adventures In Nature rules first thing in class and during the lunch period. They are: Be Smart (think before you act, pick up after yourself), Be Safe (stay with the group) and Be Nice (use kind words, keep hands to self, etc.)

2. If our staff observes a participant engaging in inappropriate behavior, we will coach him/ her about the situation. Examples of inappropriate behavior include, but are not limited to fighting (verbal or physical), stealing, property damage, harassment or name- calling, disrupting the class, being disrespectful etc. The instructor or the program manager will inform the caregiver about the situation.

3. If the behavior continues after coaching, the participant may receive an in-class time out and it will be discussed with the caregiver.

4. If the behavior still continues, the participants will meet formally with the program manager to discuss his/ her behavior and the participants parent/ guardian will be advised.

5. If the behavior continues after formally meeting with the program manager, the participant will be excused from the program and the parent/ guardian will be contacted to pick him/ her up. If the participant is excused from the program before the program has ended, there will be no refund.

This policy is designed to protect your child’s right to a positive and productive learning environment, which you have paid for and have the right to expect. We thank you for your assistance in ensuring everyone at Adventures in Nature has an outstanding experience.