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Field Trips on the Metro!

Need a ride?

Check out the Metro! The Transit Education Team is now offering the Student Field Trip Program, which provides access to 20 approved destinations -- including the Natural History Museum!

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Add to Your Field Trip Experience

Interested in adding more to your visit? Consider signing up for additional programming, including:

- Dinosaur Hall

- Butterfly Pavillion and Spider Pavilion

- Dinosaur Encounters

- Fossil Detectives and more!

These require advance reservations, so request a visit now, they fill up fast!


Pre- and Post-Visit Activities: Into, Through & Beyond

A more in-depth approach, these lessons are built around grade-specific essential questions and offer a sequence of pre, during, and post-field trip activities.  By exploring these lessons, you can find ways to

  • integrate your field trip into your classroom curriculum
  • focus on grade specific essential questions
  • support State Standards
  • activate student prior knowledge
  • engage minds
  • expand thinking


Essential question:  What kinds of places become homes? 

Grade 1

Essential question:  How do living things depend on each other and their habitat?

Grade 2

Essential question:  How have peoples' lives changed throughout time?

Grade 3

Essential question:  What affects survival?

Grade 4

Essential question:  How is space claimed?  Why is space claimed?

Grade 5

Essential question:  What makes something valuable?