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Age of Mammals Media

Go in depth with our researchers and the unique specimens from the 
Age of Mammals exhibit.
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Lesson Plans and Activities - Grade 6

Found History - Creative writing and critical thinking come together in this L.A. history-inspired, found poetry exercise.



Squirrel ObservationsObserve, collect, and analyze data on a popular animal that's easy to find in a schoolyard!



My Wild L.A. - Tell your story about L.A. nature and use it to develop a narrative work and inspire a research project!



Natural Beauty - In this interdisciplinary lesson set, practice geometric reasoning and artistic expression while gaining appreciation for the natural beauty of rocks and minerals.



Moving and Shaking - Examine the effects of plate tectonics on the evolution of mammals. To watch the video associated with this lesson plan, click here!



Mesozoic Measurements - Convert the measurements taken in the Dinosaur Hall to create a graph comparing three species of dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs and Definitions - Through a research project, examine vocabulary using context to infer the meaning of new words.