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Lesson Plans and Activities - Grade 7

Found History - Creative writing and critical thinking come together in this L.A. history-inspired, found poetry exercise.



Insects and Biodiversity - Explore L.A.'s biodiversity through bugs and introduce classification.

Squirrel ObservationsObserve, collect, and analyze data on a popular animal that's easy to find in a schoolyard!



My Wild L.A. - Tell your story about L.A. nature and use it to develop a narrative work and inspire a research project!



How Old is the Earth? - Introduce Earth's history through vocabulary building, observation and discussion.

Lighting Up the Gem & Mineral Hall - Discover the properties of light by examining their interaction with gems and minerals.



Super Selection - Examine natural selection and conduct a research project to explore what selection pressures might have influenced the evolution of a particular species represented in this exhibit.



Modern Detectives for an Ancient World - Use observations to form a hypotheses and then revise it based on new evidence and research.

Dinosaurs and Definitions - Through a research project, examine vocabulary using context to infer the meaning of new words.

Shaping Dinosaurs - Use dinosaurs as a topic to understand tessellations and how to calculate area and perimeter.