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Requests for community events are open year-round

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Want to Learn More About Archaeology?

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Want to Learn More About Marine Biology?

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Mobile Museums Community Events

Interested in requesting a Mobile Museum at your festival or community event?

The Mobile Museums may be available to provide an immersive, science-based learning opportunity for your participants! Our ability to attend your event is dependent upon the following: 

  • Availability – Our first priority is to serve schools and our calendar is prioritized accordingly.
  • Audience – The Mobile Museum: An Ocean Experience and the Mobile Museum: An Archaeology Experience are limited to educational events provided free of charge to participants.
  • Accessibility – Our Mobile Museum drivers will conduct a site check of the event location to ensure that the site is accessible for the trailer. We require a level parking space that is 65 ft. x 20 ft. with a 14 ft. vertical clearance.  


To request a Mobile Museum Community Event, please visit click here